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Siwon is a member of the boy band Super Junior and the sub unit, Choi Siwon, was allegedly dating a SM Entertainment trainee by the Siwon had also dated Girls Generation member, Yoona and actress Kim Yoon Seo.
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In his official records, his birthday is dated February 10 of the following year as his parents did not register his birth until then.

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SM entertainment Chinese Name: When Siwon was 16 years old, he was scouted by a talent agent from SM Entertainment while he was waiting for his friends in front of his high school. He passed the audition and signed a contract with SM Entertainment where he was trained in singing, acting and dancing. Siwon enlisted as a conscripted policeman in November of for his mandatory military service.

As he himself is a very devoted Christian, he serves God and is willing to sacrifice everything for his Saviour. He is always posting bible verses on social media to encourage his fans and let them know that God is there to love and accept them no matter who they are. Choi is such a good samaritan, he did not only enlist for being a policeman, but he also joined a lot of UNICEF campaigns for 6 years. In fact, he was appointed as the special representative of the South Korean committee in November 25, proving that he is willing to wholeheartedly lend a helping hand for the people who is in need.

Singer, dancer, actor, model Position in Super Junior: Sub vocal Active Years: My Lady Athena: Instagram is a very mainstream form of social media nowadays. Millions of photos are uploaded each day, and still thousands of people join in each day.

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As Choi is also updated on social media, he sometimes posts encouraging bible verses on his twitter account, posts personal pictures on his instagram account and posts hot topics on his facebook account. However, in August , he once posted a photo that is not his on his instagram account. It was a photo that he grabbed from the internet and he forgot to credit the person who actually owns the photo.

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Choi, being a humble and sincere human being, apologized to the person as soon as he could. The picture and William S. Once again, I am truly sorry. His fans were overwhelmed by his pure sincerity and praised his actions after they found out about the incident. They believe that Choi did not intentionally do it.

Sooyoung and Jung were spotted by snapping a photo of them having a great time at a "Christmas Eve party" at her house which is located in Nonhyeondong, Seoul. Then after the party, another photo was taken that shows Jung going into a Chanel store which is located at Apgujeong to "pick out a present" for her.

Maybe this is a Christmas present, I mean it is Christmas you know and friends loves to buy gifts for their close friends. Though Chanel is really a great store for couples, so maybe this two are indeed really dating. I mentioned that Girls' Generations agency along with Jung's gave an update regarding about this two and if they are truly "indeed dating. SM brought up that they do not have an exact date on when Sooyoung and Jung initiated their relationship though did state that "The dating rumors are true.

While they were close as sunbae and hoobae last year, their relationship progressed into that of a couple Please watch over them fondly.

7 Mysterious Dating Scandals That Left Fans Suspicious

Now here is what a representative for Jung stated by saying, "He and Sooyoung are dating We are sorry that we did not respond truthfully the two or so times the rumors were reported. At the time, when we asked Jung Kyung Ho, he had said that it wasn't true so we had responded that way before. We will reveal our official statement soon. Are this two really going out or is Sooyoung just coming out to gain some attention because of YoonA?

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If Sooyoung and YoonA are indeed dating and has found their perfect future husband, can we probably see another Girls' Generations member surprising us? We knew that the ladies will be making their comeback; though we are definitely surprised regarding about how the girls are starting off the year. Fans are still trying to breathe and take this all in between the relationship of YoonA and Lee Seung-Gi and if the two will last.

We hope so though bumps might occur in the months to come.

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Let's not jump to conclusions yet everyone, there has been dating scandals with the ladies of Girls' Generation in previous years. There aren't too many women who understand that. Which women is he talking about? Choi, who is not only handsome and talented, but a real-life chaebol, has been romantically linked with a few women. In January , he shocked fans by posting the caption "Sorry, gorgeous, I'm taken" on Instagram but later said it was his fans that had stolen his heart.